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SOVA Księgowość

Our company was created in the year 2013. Based on our vast accounting experience, you can count on us as your advisors. We value effective communication and clarity in our services. When working with SOVA, you can forget about ignored phone calls and having your e-mails unanswered for weeks. We’re based in Cracow and Manchester, if you’re looking to establish a business or need help with accounting in the UK, visit OWL Accounts – our branch in England. Our representatives actively participate in local startup and business communities, and partially because of this we’re always one step ahead when it comes to the most innovative solutions in the areas of accounting and business.

“I am so glad I found SOVA. The firm is also highly recommended by expats in Poland. (…)”
Very pleased with the info & service I’ve received from SOVA. Tried few (UK <-> Poland) accountants … but SOVA proved to be the most reliable with most relevant info on hand. I’m more than happy to recommend them.



Company Director

SOVA has been very helpful in answering questions regarding tax residency. The answers were always speedy and clear. The advisor always offered additional help and asked if there is anything else he could help me with. I grew frustrated as none of the other accounting firms could answer my questions definitively and it looked like they weren’t really specialising in the subject, yet they wanted to “hook” a client anyway. Not very professional or ethical in my opinion. I am so glad I found SOVA. The firm is also highly recommended by expats in Poland. Thanks again, Sova, and continued success!

Business owner

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